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On-site data cabling of Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, and fiber optics.

We install Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and fiber optics.

Our trained and certified staff has more than 20 years experience installing cables in several types of environments, such as:
  • New constructions before the walls are put up
  • New homes
  • 100 year old homes
  • Business offices
  • Medical centers
  • School buildings
  • Warehouses

We provide an onsite inspection to evaluate your needs and the environment we will be installing into, and we'll provide an estimated quote for the proposed work.

We can also install a wide range of networking equipment, including:
  • Cisco Business switches
  • Adtran switches
  • Cisco Business routers
  • Linksys routers
  • Cisco Business access points
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • IP security cameras
  • POE network devices

Although our years of computer network wiring provides us with a lot of experience, we know that every network wiring job has it's own unique needs. We'll offer ideas to work through those unique situations to get your network installed.

  We work well with other contractors

We realize that computer network wiring is a small part of any project. It doesn't matter if it's a brand new building or an existing once, the network infrastructure is usually considered last after all your other contractors.

Our team is very professional and understands that there might be many other contractors involved with a project, and that we might have to work around their schedule.

Computer networking has it's own set of electrical specifications that need to be accounted for, especially in a new construction. Architects and electricians often overlook the specifications for the low voltage wiring used by computer networks. We will make sure these specifications are correctly followed, and offer different solutions when the specifications cannot be followed due to the environment.

About Us

Psi Prime began in 1994 as a value added reseller of Cisco and Acer equipment, but selling networking equipment wasn't an easy task when there were very few computer network wiring companies around to install the equipment that we were selling.

We quickly learned to install old Category 3 and coax computer networks and have continued our education of networking as they have evolved over the years.

We will test and certify every cable that we install. We'll also provide cable management within a networking closet or server room so it doesn't look like a rats nest when the job is completed.

Contact us to get started on a quote.